I am currently a Drupal/PHP Developer at Low & Behold.

I joined Hydrant as an Apprentice Drupal Developer after attending a bootcamp run through a London based apprenticeship provider that would be facilitating the apprenticeship. Previously I spent 4 years at College/ University, leaving with a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT and a Foundation Degree in IT from UCLAN (through Carlisle College). Throughout my studies, I studied a number of different subject areas in IT and found web development was an area where my interest grew over time.

Hydrant later got bought out by Upbeat Productions which subsequently got bought out by Liquorice Marketing and now trades as Low & Behold.

Although software development is hard/ frustrating at times, you can feel a real sense of achievement when you get your code to work without breaking. So far I have built up quite a diverse range of skills/ knowledge covering both frontend and backend website development languages/ frameworks, as well server experience. However, I do acknowledge that software development just like the rest of the web is constantly changing, so every day is a learning day with new frameworks for both front and back end development that bring their own challenges and rewards.

In terms of content management systems that I have played around with in the past few years, these include; Wordpress and Joomla, I have also (through my apprenticeship) been exposed to a couple Magento sites (mainly to apply security updates).

Throughout my time at Hydrant/ Upbeat Productions/ Low & Behold, I have been exposed to many Drupal 6, 7, and 8 sites of varying degrees in complexity. Plus experience using PHP frameworks such as Symfony and I'm currently dabbling with a little bit Yii. Plus as of November 2019, I am now an Acquia Certified Drupal 8 Developer with the hope/ plan of adding more certifications to my belt to build on and validate on my knowledge/ skillset.

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End to end testing with Cypress

Published: 28/12/2022 20:00

Cypress is an end to end testing tool that allows you to check if the site/app that you have built/ made changes to still works when compared to the required functionality/ behaviour of the app/site. Cypress uses JavaScript for the actual tests. Testing will depend on individual use cases/ requir...

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Cypress UI

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Completed: 16/01/2021

This dashboard is a Symfony 5 version installation that interfaces with a number of different API's/feeds to pull in data from various different external systems, to bring the data into one place for easy viewing. The dashboard is login restricted and uses Auth0 to connect with my google account whi...

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