Ratlingate Scout Activity Centre

The previous website was not on brand and it was not responsive on mobile devices. Therefore, it was reducing the user demographic. As mobile users are more likely to not use sites that are not mobile friendly.

So I built a new website using Drupal 8 that is more on brand, responsive and contains a bookng calendar, to let potential users of the site, see when the site is available. Which helps when planning events/ programs.

Also because the site is now using an open source piece of software, rather than a provider that rolls there own CMS, we are not bound by expensive contracts, which keeps the running costs of the website down.

Also the open source software used means that more advanced functionality can be added as and when required to shape the site into something that helps with the running of the campsite and make some processes more efficient.

Ratlingate Scout Activity Centre

Completed: 25/07/2018